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MyThemeShop Affiliate Program – Make $2,898 a Month!

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program – Make $2,898 a Month!
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Before writing on how to make money through MyThemeShop Affiliate Program i am going to share you my earnings. I have earned $1913.30 from Mythemeshop so far within 4 months of joining, which is pretty good according to me.

As soon as i started promoting their offers i started making money easily. One solid reason to join their affiliate is users like the themes and plugins developed by them because of their clean and fast loading code. And as an affiliate their payments are very fast . What else do we need than this ?

Why Mythemeshop Affiliate?

Below are some of the reasons to promote:

  • 70% Commissions – If you make a sale of single theme which is $69.00 then you will get $48.30 commission [70%]
  • Monthly Payouts – As soon you make a sale you will get paid which they usually pay on 5th of upcoming month from the sale done.
  • 60 – Day Return Policy –  If a visitors click on your affiliate link today and purchase the theme within 60 days, then you will be credited for your commission.
  • 2 – Tier Affiliate Commission – You’ll earn 10% of all commissions that your referred affiliates earn, for life!
  • Reputed brand – They have been in the industry from 5 years and they almost all types of themes and plugins needed as a user point of view.

How to join Mythemeshop Affiliate?

You don’t need to be existing customer of Mythemeshop to start as an affiliate. You just need to Signup and get started.

  1. First of all Go to Mythemeshop Affiliate Page and click on Get Started button
  2. Then a form will appear to enter your First Name and Email Address. Just fill this details and click on ‘Sign Up’
  3. A mail will be sent to your entered mail above . Verify the mail and login to your account.

You’re done. Now you can start promoting on various social media platforms, blogs and make hell lots of money easily.

But you may be thinking how to promote it . Well i have covered some basic points below on how to start promoting affiliate programs and also 1 secret technique i often use to make affiliate sales. Keep reading further!!

How to make $2,898 with MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

Lets see how you can make $2,898/month with Mythemeshop Affiliate . The team of MTS have done a short calculation on how you will earn.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

In the above calculation you can see that if you make a sale of 1 theme you will get $48.30 straight commission in your bank account. That is 70% commission , which is the highest commission affiliate i think.

Now lets do the math, suppose if you make 2 sales per day then your monthly income will be $48.30 x 2 x 30 = $2,898.00.

And if you promote Premium Membership worth $349.00 and if you make a sale then you get $244.30 commission. So if you make 2 sales per day then your monthly income will be $244.30 x 2 x 30 = $14,658.00.

Wait wait.. Calculation shown is very easy but making 2 sales per day is not difficult but it is time taking because NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IF DONE WITH FULL FOCUS AND DETERMINATION Click To Tweet

Many affiliates are making hell lots of money and if they can you also can.

Now lets come to the point on how to promote affiliate products to generate sales.

Write a detailed Review – Whenever Mythemeshop releases a new theme or plugin then send an email about the release . They also offer FREE copy of release version to review. Just write a detailed review , pros and cons of the product and make sales.

Use Banners – Mythemeshop comes with some good banners which cover all sizes required for ads. Just take the code from your dashboard of MTS and include in your sidebars or posts.

Create List Post – You can create a list of atleast 10 best themes / plugins . This will help in generating good traffic to your blog and indirectly some pretty sales 🙂

The next technique i am going to share is easy and very effective . All you need to is research and get affiliate sales through this technique. I am using this sweet technique where i am getting lots of traffic and also affiliate sales.

Utilize Coupon Codes – Once you have generates some decent sales, you can ask for a special coupon especially for your blog readers. This really helps in building trust to users in your blog.

Interlink Affiliate Links – Whenever you write an article related to your affiliate just include link in the post. See the below example

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program – How to Make 2 898 a Month What Not Blog

Promote on social media – Don’t underestimate the power of social media . You can make hell lots of money through affiliate marketing if you join the right groups and communities to promote. Just keep helping people in the groups and spread your affiliate links .

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Promote Special Deals – On every occasion which is big especially Black Friday they provide huge discounts. Just promote special deals to your users in these days and make  sales.

Final Conclusion:

If you follow these tips and give some efforts, you will surely able to make a good amount of money from MyThemeShop affiliate program. Once again, Affiliate marketing takes time and if you want to make quick money, then affiliate marketing is not for you, better try some other earning methods.

If you have any other techniques to promote affiliate products then please do let us know. If you found this article useful, please keep sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ because “SHARING IS CARING”