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How to get organic traffic from Google Plus

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I have seen many internet marketers are confused about How to get organic traffic from google plus. Many even don’t know how powerful is Google plus in getting organic traffic to your blog.

Don’t worry i have written a detailed post on how to drive organic traffic from google plus.

Are you ready for the golden nugget tips?

Let’s Start

How to get organic traffic from Google Plus


#Include links in profile

First try to cover the basic things like enter your personal details and also enter website link in the url section or in the contributor section. It really helps when you post some useful post and people will automatically check your profile . Then people will navigate through website and it helps in getting organic traffic.

Check the below screenshot. I have utilised the about section with url. You can also add link in your professional website profile.

whatnotblog - google plus profile

#Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are very powerful if utilised correctly . It is very useful to get organic traffic from Google Plus. Using hashtag can increase the traffic of your website. You should not only use relevant hashtags but also hashtags related to your topic which increases reach of your blog hence we get more traffic.

You can also use the Google+ auto-suggest function. Just start typing your topic after # and you’ll see some additional suggested hashtags. Make use of such tags if its relevant.

Don’t forget to use #yourblogname in your Google+ updates. [ Like mine is #whatnotblog ]

#Post at the right time:

Are you confused about what is the best time to post on Google Plus , generally google users tend to be more active on weekday mornings.

Social media posts on Wednesday 9 a.m tend to be more active time for G+ users.

Also check out this awesome tool called Timing+ which is very useful in finding best time to post your audience. I checked out mine and my targeted audience time is Sunday between 12:00 and 13:00.


If you’re active on Google+, circle me and I’ll circle back.

You can also check best time to post on other social media like Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter from QuickSprout.

#Join the right communities

As facebook and other social sites are having communities or groups. Google Plus are also having Communities. Communities are the best way to drive organic traffic . If you join the right community related to your niche, post high informative post then you can get hell lots of organic traffic through google plus.

You can also create your own community for generating traffic but it would be little harder to start from scratch. Instead i would recommend to research some good communities and start sharing your post there.

Note: To find if the community you joined is alive or not just check the posting frequency of users in the group and also engagement.

By posting on right communities you have a stronger chances of getting of huge organic traffic from Google plus.

#Use sharing buttons and badges:

Utilize the use of sharing buttons and badge widgets to get more social audience and genuine traffic. The sharing widget can be very useful once your content provided is of high quality and it will be shared with millions of audience.

Next comes the creation of badge in Google plus. This helps users to know your genuinity and also reach you. If you want to create manually google plus badge then check out this tutorial or simply use this wordpress plugin for Google plus badge from Mythemeshop

#Outreach Influencers

Whenever you write something related to bloggers in your niche, like taking their case study or adding their links in your blog just outreach them that you have included them in the article.

This is the best and fastest method to gain organic traffic if you have quality post because if the influencer likes your post he will definitely share it with their audience.

Check out how Adam Connell from Blogging Wizard uses Outreach influencing in Google Plus.

#Keep Engaging

Once you have joined some useful and engaging communities, try to interact with them, if you are getting comment on your posts then reply them . If you are engaging people will automatically go through your website and you can get hell lots of traffic for free.

Final Conclusion:

So this was the detailed post about how to get organic traffic from google plus. If you have any problem getting started with Google Plus or any queries regarding article, post it in the comments, and I will try to help you out.

If you’re active on Google+, circle me and I’ll circle back.