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WhatNotBlog was started on 5th Jan 2017 by Rahul Jain with a dream to provide every possible guides and tutorial’s related to Web Designing and Blogging to newbies.

Why Web Designing and Blogging:

First of all i am passionate about both the topics Web Designing and Blogging and also both are inter-related . So if you learn Web Designing it will be helpful for you in Blogging and vice-versa .

What you will Find on WhatNotBlog ?

  • Learn Web Designing
  • Build a Website on your own
  • Beginner Blogging Guides
  • WordPress Guides
  • Online Money Making
  • Search Engine Optimization

About Rahul Jain ( RJ)

whatnotblog- Rahul Jain (RJ)I started blogging late back in 2013 when i was working for a Web Designing Company . I worked as a Full-time Front End Developer for 4 years and recently in the month of September 2016 I quit my job and started my own work. As it was getting tough for me to balance both Job and Blogging together.

From now i will be blogging for Full-time . My main intention is to teach what i learn, with the World in the form of Blog and also help people online.

My personal blog rahulthoughts.com is all about my inner thoughts . I love traveling a lot and i want to travel all over the World. I want to live a life where i can work from any part of the World .

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