10 Ways To Drive Tons Of Traffic To Your Old Posts

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#1. SEO factors must be revised

SEO factors always play an important role towards getting a huge traffic to the website's posts.
Analyse the latest SEO Trends and adapt it to get maximum traffic to the Old posts.

To pump up the websites SEO add some keywords to the old posts, rework with the titles make it
keyword friendly and Worths the click.  Create a completely new Meta description to the old posts
along with adding some good quality of photos and tags. In case of improving title tag make sure it
includes the keyboard in the title.

Including the post which is optimised for search engines are essential for getting good traffic to the
website.  there are some tools are available to improve the SEO  such as WordPress SEO by Yoast,
premium SEO pack,  W3 total cache,   SEO ultimate and lot more.

#2. Overconfidence Does Not Work

The word is moving and times are changing along with the needs and tastes of the people are also
changing from day to day. Accounting to there Right from the language to the vocabulary each and
everything needs to be converted into the latest taste of The Readers.

The post may be old but dealing with flowing the traffic to the website is always new.  Go to the
posts and analyze it as a third person for readers point of view.  Because when the posts are read as
a first-time reader it helps to fix and improve the area which has Better scope.  this fixing and
improving can be anything like adding simple words to the total sentence which are relevant to the
latest context and much more related actions.

#3. Old Content is Nothing But History

The world is moving fast with advanced technology. Everyone in the world expects something new
and unique. It applies to the website and its readers also. If the contents are out-dated it will be
considered from historical the point of view only.

No one searches for the old stories when there is an upgraded information is available. Those
contents which are written very long ago they do not impact on getting traffic to the page on
present days. Focus on old posts, review them and focus on it to get relevant ideas as per the latest
context. Whenever there is some adoptable ideas popup kindly update them with the old posts.

#4. Interlink With Active Links

When someone needs information on a particular subject they start searching on the internet for
the same topic in different websites to get complete information on the topic. To understand about
a particular subject completely they read multiple posts on the same subject.

For the above reason interlink the old posts of the website with the active links to increase traffic.
When people visit the new link on the website they will also click and visit the old posts of the site to
get more details on the particular subject.

Whenever you link back to old posts, it drives traffic to those posts and also helps to improve the
SEO of the website. Always create a second post which links back and takes the reader to the first

#5. High-Quality Images Are Important

Make sure the website contains high-resolution images and videos which are supported by Pinterest
and similar social media sites. Along with adding the images add multimedia, video files, and some
texts also.

On the website, it is better to use longer images and post with attractive colorful images. Because
when someone browsing through the social media website like Pinterest there is a chance almost
50% of the traffic comes to the website.

#6. Change the Title to a More Attractive One

With the day to day, trends are updated with the modern points. Alter and change the title of the
old posts updated in the website time to time with the latest trend.

One of the important things to be considered is to make sure that the title of the new post is
perfectly attractive for the current people’s generation who are the prospective readers of your
website posts.

#7. Syndicate and Share the Old Posts

For the old posts to increase its traffic timing is a major aspect. At the time of sharing posts in the
popular network websites most difficult point. And at the right time sharing such posts will increase
the traffic in a huge way.

There are multiple social media managing services available which share the posts automatically on
a particular schedule such as Hootsuit, tweekdeck, social pilot and lot more. But scheduling the posts
manually is much better than auto share because it is more clicked worthy.

#8. Review the Length of Your Old Posts

When a book contains more pages it means definitely it contains more information than the other
books on the same subject. Here same applies to the blogs also. The popularity of the post depends
on the length of the post.

Make a review on the old posts for its length and if it is less than 1000 mark count, add some more
relevant information to the post. This is mainly because of if the posts include greater length,
whatever the information it includes it also exceeds its normal levels. Whenever new and unique
information added then the length of the post increases and gives detailed information. Such
lengthier posts make more interest to readers to read those posts.

#9. Get off With Those Unnecessary Comments

Promoting the services by using the comment column which is available below the blog posts section
is a fashion for some peoples. But it has to be ignored. Only because of there is a chance of causing
negatively on the post by such irrelevant actions.

In a post higher the comments will not increase its standards, so that remove all the unnecessary
comments on the posts which are not giving any information related to the post and any value
related to such posts. By doing this comment section may contain better comments only which
greatly help the readers to know more with the comments.

#10. Circle Up and Repeat Posts

In Everyday same reader is not visiting the blogs on the same website. There may be different new
readers visit and read the posts each day.

Sometimes the people who visit the other social networking sites or blogs may link to a website and
posts and there is a chance that they start liking the posts in such website. But the new visitors
visiting the site may vary from day today. However, the thing that the visitors of the web posts will
remain constant.

For the above reason make sure on the website there is a good circulation of old posts in a periodical
manner. And also ensure that the clicks worthy old posts are exposing to the limelight. Identify such
posts which need to bring to the front and promote. Because it is one of the basic steps in getting a
huge traffic to the website posts.